Pocket Stories is a brand that manifested itself to reality somewhere amidst the pandemic.

Who is behind the scenes at Pocket Stories?

My name is Rhea Mehul Shah and I am the founder and designer of Pocket Stories. However I cannot take full credit, as without my team of Masterji, tailors and embroiders I would have no outfits to sell. A special shoutout to my accountant, as without her I would slacked a little.

How did you choose the name Pocket Stories?

This definitely is a funny story. During the pandemic when I quit my job and focused on getting my work ethic back, I took time to indulge in my curiosity. I began reading random facts about colours, practicing art journalling. One day, when discussing name options with my dad I thought of Pocket Stories, and he said “bullseye”. As a kid I used to sing the song pocket full of sunshine a lot, as an adult my first blog about the evolution of fashion away from pockets to and towards purses, and my MA Fashion dissertation focused on explaining the emotional attachment to your clothes, your creation through a ‘contextual label’ in the clothes. So, Pocket Stories - where every outfit has a story, every out creates emotional attachment to the client through their own journey, where there’s so much to be said and so much to be felt, seemed to the the perfect fit to the name.

What makes Pocket Stories unique?

Let’s create a baseline of this brand - we are size inclusive, focus on ethical production, empower our workforce and ensure complete customer customisation - that is what makes us normal (as should be).

However, our concept of ‘Transformative Clothing’ is what makes us unique, what makes us the future. Here through buttons or zips or straps, we ensure versatility. One outfit can be worn in different combinations, ensuring slow fashion is now also sexy.

See the video below to get a hint of how a dress becomes a two piece, and more.

Transformative clothing - We start by transforming your style, we end by transforming your lifestyle and mindset.